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24 oz Inspirational Color-Shifter Glitter Tumbler

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24 oz Inspirational Color-Shifter Glitter Tumbler
24 oz Inspirational Color-Shifter Glitter Tumbler
24 oz Inspirational Color-Shifter Glitter Tumbler

Enjoy your favorite beverage in this gorgeous color-shifting 24 oz tumbler. On this tumbler we used one of our specialty glitters "Lolli" on a purple base. It sparkles so much in the sun with light colors and then once you're in the shade it shifts to darker colors. 

You may order this cup exactly the way it is, including your monogram on the bottom. Or you can customize it to have your own saying and decal. 

These cups are great to make sure you drink your water for the day, coffee in the morning, or to have a nice cold beverage at the lake or beach! They also make wonderful gifts for those you love the most.

*Every cup is sealed with a 2 part FDA approved epoxy! The decals are completely sealed and smooth to the touch. The epoxy takes 24 hours for each layer to cure and another 48 hour curing time before it can withstand the shipping process.

These cups are completely custom handmade and to ensure quality, please allow at least 2-3 weeks from date of order to shipping date. Also be aware of shipping time if you have a need by date.

Care Instructions:

•The epoxy is sturdy but not indestructible. If dropped it can crack, chip or even shatter. Please handle your tumbler like you would a glass mug. I cannot repair dropped tumblers.

•Epoxy is heat sensitive. It should not be left in a hot car due to extreme temperatures.

•These are NOT dishwasher safe.

•Do Not Soak

•Do not microwave

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